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Welcome to UNESP, Jaboticabal campus

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Created in 1966, FCAV offers five undergraduate courses in Administration, Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine, nine graduate courses at the Master's and PhD levels, in twelve disciplines. The campus also hosts professional training (high school level) courses, training technicians in Agriculture (day courses) and Informatics (night courses). In 2010, the FCAV also became a site for online courses in Teaching (night courses),  offered by Univesp (Virtual University of São Paulo State).

Since its inception, the University has gained respect, nationally and internationally, by providing students and the community with quality teaching, research and extension, and graduating highly trained professionals, prepared to face the challenges of their respective careers. The FCAV is also committed to train young professionals in all ethical, moral and social aspects of Brazilian society.

FCAV offers, as part of an institutional social inclusion program, a free of charge preparatory course for 240 candidates annually, aimed at the young of low income families, providing the opportunity to compete for openings at public and private universities.

The campus encompasses 828,9 hectares of land dedicated to teaching, research and production, available to professors, undergraduate and graduate students; a modern and fully equipped veterinary hospital serving the community and also utilized for teaching and research; modern animal facilities for bovine, porcine, caprine, ovine and aquatic species, amongst others. Furthermore, the campus offers numerous state-of-the-art laboratories, such as the Brazilian Clone Collection Center (BCC Center), teaching laboratories, classrooms, library, agroclimatological station, amphitheatres, auditoriums, restaurant, free health care, gymnasium and sports center with swimming pool and soccer fields, all available to the university community.

In regards to its human resources, the campus has trained technical and administrative personnel, as well as highly qualified full-time professors, all holding doctorate degrees with the majority also possessing post-doctoral training in Brazil or abroad.

The FCAV is academically distributed into 13 departments, responsible for the academic, research and extension activities, for training undergraduate and graduate students, professionals of different areas, as well as residents in Veterinary Medicine. The campus also offers internet service, with more than 2.000 ports available to the community, facilitating communication among all campus as well with other Institutions in Brazil and around the world.  Modern installations house the Aquaculture Center (Caunesp), a complementary unit  promoting research, extension and graduate teaching in aquaculture of interior waters (fish, frog, shrimp and alligator), employing prominent researchers with internationally recognized scientific work.

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