Programa de Pós Graduação em Agronomia - Produção Vegetal :::

Apresentação do Programa

The graduate program in Agronomy (Horticulture) offered by Unesp - Jaboticabal Campus, is a level 5 course at Capes. The Master's program was created in 1976 and the doctorate in 1984. During this period, the program graduated 422 master's and 306 doctorate students (a complete list is available at:, contributing to the qualifications of professionals from different regions of Brazil and from other countries (Argentina, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela).

The main objective of this program is the formation of professors, researchers and specialized professionals in Agricultural Sciences, primarily in Agronomy.

Currently, the program has eight research areas and forty-two classes, covering all the areas required for the preparation of the students.

Aiming at excellence, the coordination of the program prioritizes the quality of the professors associated to the program, selecting highly qualified professionals and keeping track of their progress through meetings, as well as supporting their participation in scientific meetings.  

In regards to the infrastructure available for the development of research projects, the program counts on the support from Unesp, Fapesp, Capes, CNPq and Fundunesp, private companies and international institutions, allowing for improvements of the facilities and of the library collection, acquisition of equipment, amongst others.

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